Revanta Officers Boulevard

Land Pooling Policy

Delhi Land Pooling Policy

Luxurious living all across the globe, always carries a high price tag but Revanta has altered it a bit through innovative offerings. By introducing the concept of comfortable luxury, in the heart of the city, Revanta Officers Boulevards is all set to be a game changer in the real estate arena in Delhi. High quality construction coupled with impeccable design and personalization makes it a clutter breaking proposition for buyers to consider. Delhi Master Plan of 2021 is critical for the future of Delhi and will be a defining moment for the city as its earlier avatar was in 1962. With its present population of 1.83 crores and five lakh people entering the city every year for education or work, the city will touch a population of 2.28 crores in 2023 and this masterplan is conceived to handle all the glitches that may arise with such a gargantuan population.


Revanta Officers Boulevard: the pride of L-Zone in Delhi!

Whether you are an end –user or buying it for an investment purpose, you would appreciate the fact that Revanta Group has an enviable track record of completing projects on time and within budget. Office Boulevard was one of the first projects it had undertaken ever since the Land Pooling Policy was announced by the government in line with the new masterplan of Delhi that aims to decongest Delhi by creating 25 lakh new residential units in an area spread over 22, 979 hectares that comes under the L-zone.

It aims to make land-owing farmers an active participant in the growth and development of the city and partake in the fruits of success as the city progresses to become a world-class metropolis on the lines of Dubai and Shanghai.

Proximity to Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway are the two main high points of this project apart from the fact that it is close to South Delhi. In common man’s parlance this area is called as Dwarka Extension.

Revanta Officers Boulevard